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About Polony POP

The idea for Polony POP was born in 2020 when the founder, Thabo Elias, noticed that when always open the fridge there was a smell of Polony all inside the fridge and when  the polony, (especially the 1 Kg or bigger) comes to the end, toward the finishing line, its package become messy and untidy. He travel around the country searching for polony container, search the web and he found none, so he decided to buy plastic tubberware container for lunchbox and he undress and contained his 1kg polony  inside, cover it and put inside the fridge. Problem solved. But tubberware container wasn’t made for polony, he decided to make plastic polony container, that was the birth of Polony POP.

Polony POP is polony’s Best Friend

Whether you struggle with polony smell inside the fridge or  untidy polony packages inside your fridge, Polony POP is on your side.

Our straightforward containers are fridge user friendly, they are made with plastic purposely built for 1kg polony and can be refridgerated


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